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Create, update and sell products on few taps.

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To be the starting point for all home and start up businesses across all Middle East countries. We are the hub for all the businesses and the first brick of start up foundations.

  • The software
  • The logistics/Delivery
  • The First Order
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Feature List

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User Friendly

24/7 Customer

Remove all obstacles infront of business owners and Motivate home entrepreneurs to take their first step in to the new world and build long term relationships with our customers and suppliers across the region.

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Santra Seller - The Makers Hub

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Aziz Gamil

Co-Founder & CEO

Mustafa Alelayawi

Co-Founder & CMO

Atta Ur Rehman

Chief Technology Officer




A platform for Customer to buy products from the Sellers

We attract customers by ensuring smooth shopping experience and prompt delivery. One of our goals is to reach customers everywhere in the country quickly and easily which make customer’s purchasing experiences easier and smoother.

  • The Application
  • The Delivery
  • The First Order
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Santra?

Santra is an app dedicated to home entrepreneurs, established in the UAE in 2022, which aims to deliver food and non-food products from the best local makers in the most efficient way by creating a high-quality system, as well as implementing all logistics. Simply put, Santra offers home business owners the opportunity to expand their production capabilities, offering them new ways to double the demand and thus profits, increase support for local entrepreneurs allowing them to get free marketing, and benefit from the advanced logistics provided by the staff allowing the owners to focus on their core competencies (e.g., providing good and distinctive products).

How can I order through Santra?

Santra provides customers with multiple portals to order from, these portals are a way to display food menus, fashion, and beauty products (descriptive and illustrated) provided by many reliable and certified home businesses, where the customer can order through our app found in both: Apple Store and Google Play.

What are Santra App services?

We simply receive your orders through our Application and send them to Sellers through a separate program. You don't have to deal with the hassle of ordering by phone, as we review the order and make sure you receive it on time with the required quality.

Can I order without registering an account as a user?

Yes. You can submit a "quick order" which is an easy way for new users to experience our online service.

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